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Pinclone is an awesome Pinterest Clone theme for WordPress. It includes a user management system and a pinning system built-in, so webmasters can transform their WordPress websites to a complete Pinterest alike website that will function in the exact same way.
It also includes boards, tags, prices and every other feature that Pinterest includes in its platform.


Create A Pinterest Clone With WordPress

In just a few years, Pinterest has become one of the most popular sites on the web and one of the fastest growing social media sites in the history of the internet. With over 2 and half million views every month, the power of Pinterest is undeniable. With a new Pinterest script built on WordPress, you can now create your own Pinterest clone quickly and easily. Here are a few benefits of using Pinclone as your clone:

The Power and Flexibility Of WordPress

Pinclone is built on WordPress, the most popular content management system in the world. Uploading Pinclone is extremely easy and you can have your WordPress Pinterest clone started in just a few minutes. The real power of this theme, though, is that you can utilize the tens of thousands of plugins that are available from the WordPress community to customize your site.

100% Responsive

The growth rate for users viewing websites from their smartphone or tablet continues to grow every day. With a fully responsive design, this Pinterest like script looks great on desktop PCs, tablets, phones, and other mobile devices without having to add any extra plugins or themes. Not only is this great for your viewers, search engines prefer sites that are mobile ready as well.

Lifetime Updates

With Pinclone you never have to worry about paying extra to get updates and support. When you purchase the theme you will be given lifetime updates and dedicated support. We offer live chat support to answer your questions quickly as well as a 24/7 ticketing system that you can use to resolve any issues you may have with the theme.
If you are ready to take advantage of the popularity that pinning sites have brought, install Pinclone today. In just a few minutes you will have your every own Pinterest clone up and running.

Pinclone Is An Affordable Pinterest Clone

You probably already realize just how powerful having a Pinterest clone website can be. Pinterest itself gets millions of views every month and has grown every day since its beta launch just 4 years ago. Being able to harness the power of pin-style bookmarking can be a great way to add an additional revenue stream to your online portfolio. Unfortunately most scripts available today are either not as advanced as Pinterest itself or simply too expensive to buy. That’s why Pinclone was launched—to provide an affordable Pinterest-like script that had all of the features of a professional site at a rate you can afford.

Easily Installed

There is no special knowledge needed to install Pinclone. It is built on WordPress which is not only one of the most powerful and secure content management systems in the world, it is also extremely popular which means there are a lot of resources available to help you get started. Pinclone is completely documented and even if you have little or no WordPress experience you can have your Pinterest clone script added in just 5 minutes.


There are hundreds of thousands of different plugins available in the WordPress repository and many more premium plugins allowing you to quickly and easily make changes to your site. With this Pinterest clone WordPress can help you create exactly what you need for your website quickly and easily.


One of the things that make Pinclone (which is built on WordPress) so unique is that the backend is so easy to manage from an administrator standpoint. Even if you have little or no prior experience working with WordPress as a content management system, the backend for this Pinterest script is very intuitive and easy to understand.

Extremely Fast and Ultra Reliable

Many Pinterest clones that you will find online were put together in haste to fill up a market demand. Unfortunately these themes are often full of bugs or use clunky code that makes the site slow to load. With Pinclone you get an extremely fast website that has been developed to today’s exacting standards. The site utilizes the bootstrap framework in its code and is completely responsive so it looks great on devices of any size.

Get Started Today

If you are ready to start your own Pinterest clone site, Pinclone is easily the best choice available today. For just $39 you get complete access to the theme as well as 24/7 ticketing support and lifetime upgrades

Why Choose Pinclone As Your WordPress Pinterest Clone

There are a lot of different Pinterest scripts that you can choose from out there and it can make deciding on which Pinterest clone to use for your website extremely difficult, especially if you do not know what makes them different. Pinclone was developed to be the ultimate Pinterest clone that is designed for speed, usability, and reliability.

Social Integration

Pinterest is a social site so it only makes sense that a Pinterest clone should take full advantage of users that utilize other social sites as well. That is why we designed Pinterest to allow full integration with over 23 different social networks including Facebook and Twitter. Users who sign in with these platforms will automatically be registered and their name and email will be stored in your database.

Ready To Be Translated

A great way to create money with clone sites is by introducing them into new markets that do not speak English as a native language. With the Pinclone theme you will be able to easily translate your theme into whichever language you would want to by simply modifying the included .po file. This means your traffic can use Pinclone no matter what language your viewers speak.

Customization Is Simple

Do you have an idea for a site that is similar to Pinterest, but a little different as well? With Pinclone, modifying and customizing your theme is extremely simple so you can transform the visuals of your site to fit whatever your need is. Basic modifications are very easy to do with this theme and you do not need much experience at all to create your own custom version of Pinclone.

With full lifetime updates, dedicated support, and an affordable price tag, Pinclone is a theme you simply cannot afford to pass up. To get started with your script get in touch with us today.

Why Use A WordPress Pinterest Clone Instead Of A Standalone Script

Pinterest is one of the most popular social sites in the world and creating a clone presents a great business opportunity. With social pinning and bookmarking being increasingly popular and easily monetized, creating a Pinterest clone can easily generate traffic and start making revenue.

Before that, though, you will have to actually have your Pinterest script installed and running which involves a simple choice: use a WordPress Pinterest clone or a standalone script. Here are a few reasons you should choose WordPress over a standalone clone:


WordPress is a very popular platform to build websites on because it is so secure. The core framework is constantly being updated to prevent any security vulnerabilities and the ability to add additional security plugins make it ideal. Pinclone is the leader of Pinterest clones out there.


Create Your WordPress Pinterest Clone Today

Pinclone is built on WordPress giving you every advantage of the CMS as well as all of the features built directly into the theme. Some of these features include 100% responsive design so your site functions perfectly on mobile devices, social media login and registration integration from 23 of the most popular social media sites in the world, and the ability to translate your theme into any language you choose.

If you are ready to get your slice of popuarlity with a Pinterest-like script, purchase Pinclone today.

For just $39 you receive all of the features you need for a clone site as well as access to the support system and lifetime updates.



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